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Final Exam will be available February 5th to 12th. Unlimited retakes will be available over the five days.

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Been reading the Quran but have no clue what you are reading? Think translations are enough? All it takes is 60 sessions to understand Quranic Arabic using etymology. Muslim participants have said it was like learning their religion all over again. For Non-Muslim participants, it has cleared misconceptions about the Quran.

Join the 12,000+ students who have already benefited from this course.

The Time Machine

Meanings change over time. The Ilm Al-Quran course takes you back in time so you can see how the Arabic words were used during the time of revelation. Language changes over time, new words are coined, words previously coined take on new meanings. This has become a source of much misunderstanding in terms of the Quran. Translations unfortunately do not take these changes into consideration. The course is designed to teach Arabs and non-Arabs alike. Seven of the most renowned lexicons, such as Kitab al-Ayn, and Mufradat Raghib are used to get a more precise meaning of each word.

Life is Short, I Don’t Have Much Time

The course only consists of 60 lessons, including 3 application books. If studied full time, the course can be comfortably completed in 4 months with a total of 75-100 hours spent on lessons and practice. It applies the content-based method of language acquisition, practicing over 3,000 ayat of the Quran with the student to ensure proficiency in practice. Just by completing book 1 you will gain a wealth of knowledge.

We Hate Grammar and We Hope You Do Too

Grammar tends to chase people away from learning language. Our course uses grammar on a need to know basis. People do not learn grammar in order to comprehend and speak in their own languages, so there is no reason they should heavily invest in it to learn another language. Children know close to no grammatical rules. They simply apply them naturally. We have tried to minimize a student’s interaction with grammatical principles in the beginning while gradually increasing the number as the course progresses.

Course Reviews


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  1. Ilm Book 1


    Throughly enjoyed the course . Has definitely given me a better understanding of the Quran and enjoy reciting much more as I can begin to understand what I am reading. Phenomenal group of teacher helping an exceptional teacher. May Allah reward you all for your efforts

  2. Illm Quran Book 1 Australia/Adelaide group


    The course was fantastic. I thoroughly enjoyed every lesson. Someone from an Arabic speaking background i learnt a lot. the small quizzes and breakout rooms were very helpful to test our knowledge. I would recommend this course to many people. BUTTT the only issue was that you needed to achieve 70% to pass the course. I think 50% is sufficient, as 70% is a bit high. WS

  3. Enlightening course


    This is one of the best courses I have completed, Alhumdolillah. I joined thinking I’ll see how I go. But in spite of my very busy work and life at home, my interest(thanks to Allah and the course teacher and tutors and admin people) I was pulled into it. The interest and motivation to do the course was just there. When I recite the Quran now, my mind goes in all directions looking for meanings and I feel that I should just learn more. It’s just right when we say Allah is the one who bewilders our rational mind due to severity of its beauty because the beauty of learning the Quran is just so captivating. I cannot thank my tutor Sarah enough. May Allah always bless her and her family. She has been just extremely patient, not a uff in her sound when she has to repeatedly explain the same thing just 5 seconds ago. Thank you team for having this. Inshallah I look forward to the next book.

  4. Excellent course


    Really enjoyed this course even giving the exam!

  5. I am in love with this course!!!


    Overall I have fallen in love with Islam all over again because of this course. It makes me want to go for higher studies to our Hawzas. The best part about this course was how Syed Asim would go off tangent and end up given information that we wouldnt find anywhere. When he speaks its like gold dripping. People should fight each other to join this course WALLAHI! For those who are tired of the differing meanings in Quranic translations, this ones for you. It is not complicated like arabic grammar classes that I tried. It breaks Arabic down into practical steps so you can recognize the meaning of an ayat when you hear it. Also, Kudos to the team for managing 100s of people globally and finding an overlapping time for people across the world to join for classes. Also, since I had work on Sundays, they were accommodating and let me attend Saturdays only. So it depends on the student but you have to ensure to give it time. Alhumdulilah I finished the course with flying colours! Cant wait for the second course on book 2 to start! <3

  6. This is the best


    Have done many courses before, nothing matches this. The instructor is amazing. The coordinators are very very supportive. Bless the whole team.



    Salamun Alaikum.

    First Book Course Review:

    This is a generously priced course that would definitely evolve you in understanding the basics of the Arabic language within an efficient quick span of time, and evolve living your Islamic life with a new breath of fresh air and spirit, because now you understand a better good deal of what you are uttering from the Qur’an, or what you are reciting within Salat ! Finally, via the development obtained from this course, my eyes would automatically shift to the Arabic instead of the translation while reciting the Qur’an from time to time . Its just amazing news – the progress this Course has caused upon us 🙂

    Although the ability of clarifying the student doubts should improve and something to be worked upon, I cannot but push you to take this course. If you’ve got the time, just do it – its worth the investment 100%! They introduced a MCQs score board based quiz competition way late in the stage of our course, I just did it once only, but fell in love with it. A few minutes of performing it does not do justice. I really recommend them to increase the question numbers, and make that game a weekly phenomenon, next time onward -with all that scoreboard challenge ! Also, I recommend them to keep an occasional One hour special Q&Ans Zoom session with the great knowledgeable Teacher of ours along the Course. This may solve lots of issues. 3-5min at end of Lecture is just not good enough. It would not be fair at the end to not recognize and appreciate the pre – class and after class sessions with the tutors ! Those who attended, indeed benefited and got polished. They were really hard working folks.

    In conclusion, GO FOR IT PLEASE 🙂


    Wasalam wr wb

  8. 5

    This is an excellent course, would highly recommend it to anyone wanting to understand what The Quran is saying. The lectures by the Syed have been so; so very interesting and enlightening, and all the other tutors, teachers, IT experts, the rest of the team have been always on hand to assist with any issue, have been always super helpful and very dedicated and on board.



    An absolutely outstanding course which not only enables you to understand the Quran but changes your perspectives

  10. Course Book 1


    This course helped me correct many of my misunderstandings I had in my beliefs. Highly recommend all to take the course and I look forward to book 2 and beyond! I am thankful for the Creator for allowing me to be part of this course!

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