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Final Exam will be available February 5th to 12th. Unlimited retakes will be available over the five days.

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Been reading the Quran but have no clue what you are reading? Think translations are enough? All it takes is 60 sessions to understand Quranic Arabic using etymology. Muslim participants have said it was like learning their religion all over again. For Non-Muslim participants, it has cleared misconceptions about the Quran.

Join the 12,000+ students who have already benefited from this course.

The Time Machine

Meanings change over time. The Ilm Al-Quran course takes you back in time so you can see how the Arabic words were used during the time of revelation. Language changes over time, new words are coined, words previously coined take on new meanings. This has become a source of much misunderstanding in terms of the Quran. Translations unfortunately do not take these changes into consideration. The course is designed to teach Arabs and non-Arabs alike. Seven of the most renowned lexicons, such as Kitab al-Ayn, and Mufradat Raghib are used to get a more precise meaning of each word.

Life is Short, I Don’t Have Much Time

The course only consists of 60 lessons, including 3 application books. If studied full time, the course can be comfortably completed in 4 months with a total of 75-100 hours spent on lessons and practice. It applies the content-based method of language acquisition, practicing over 3,000 ayat of the Quran with the student to ensure proficiency in practice. Just by completing book 1 you will gain a wealth of knowledge.

We Hate Grammar and We Hope You Do Too

Grammar tends to chase people away from learning language. Our course uses grammar on a need to know basis. People do not learn grammar in order to comprehend and speak in their own languages, so there is no reason they should heavily invest in it to learn another language. Children know close to no grammatical rules. They simply apply them naturally. We have tried to minimize a student’s interaction with grammatical principles in the beginning while gradually increasing the number as the course progresses.

Course Reviews


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  1. Can't wait for the Book 2 course


    Alhamdolillah, I learnt so much- not only did this course teach us to analyse the words and their root words and form connections between similar words, it clarified so many concepts- the revision classes were awesome and all the instructors were so responsive and helpful. amazing course, so glad it was offered online. It has increased our love for the Quran manyfold.

  2. book 1 review


    This course enables quick progress with translation and deeper meanings and has a holistic approach to learning Quranic arabic. Although regular review is necessary, the text/work book is clearly laid out and information is easy to comprehend. I thoroughly enjoyed it and highly recommend it.

  3. fantastic course!


    This course method makes it very easy to follow and helps you retain information. Coming from a non-Arab speaking background, I thought what I would take from it would be minimal however after finishing just book one reading Quran now has become so much more meaningful. Highly recommend the course.

  4. 5

    Loved the course can’t wait for book. 2!
    Learnt a lot Alhamdulliah

  5. An enlightened course!


    The journey to understand the Arabic language has been absolutely sublime.
    It is amazing to have known such repeated verses with a beautiful more meaningful meaning that this course taught.
    Thank you to the whole TRS team and the IT to make this happen.
    Please do upload the remaining quizzes which where superb too.
    جذاك الله كثير

  6. 5

    This is the best course held by the best team.It make me understand the words of quran with their right meanings.
    thanks and regards,

  7. Fantastic course


    Fantastic course that really engages you and tries to teach you to really understand the Qur’an. Can’t wait for book 2 and may God bless the teachers, organisers and everyone involved in bringing the course to us.

  8. You guys are awesome


    Salam, thank you for changing my world view, Brother Shaida is dedicated, engaging and a lovely mentor. I absolutely love his method of teaching, he is very forgiving , but also pushed you to learn. Thank you for doing this course.



    This is the first time that I have taken a Quran Course and I am so glad that I hang in there and completed the course since it taught me a lot about Arabic Language and the Quran. I hope I keep on learning from these courses.

    Samar Naqvi

  10. Explore the Quran like never before


    An amazing course, dedicated team, and Sayyid Asim, a great teacher. Takes you beyond the word to word translations, and builds concepts behind the Quranic words, in a way – that everytime you read the word, the concept comes in your mind. Highly recommend it to everyone – no barriers of age, country – just need the love to understand the book of Allah!!

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