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Classes start on Jan 15th, 2022

Saturdays and Sundays
4:00 PM GMT

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The Problem

Translations are the problem. They can be quite embarrassing as in the picture above. Trying to translate a concept into another language using just one word is often not possible. Some concepts don’t exist in other cultures and languages and therefore there won’t be a single word equivalent. Try to translate the word punk into another language using only one word, to get the image below in a non-English speaking person’s mind. It’s simply not possible.

The Time Machine

Meanings change over time. The Ilm Al-Quran course takes you back in time so you can see how the Arabic words were used during the time of revelation. Language changes over time, new words are coined, words previously coined take on new meanings. This has become a source of misunderstanding in terms of the Quran. Translations unfortunately do not take these changes into consideration. The course is designed to teach Arabs and non-Arabs alike. Seven of the most renowned lexicons, such as Kitab al-Ayn, and Mufradat Raghib are used to get a more precise meaning of each word.

Life is Short, I Don’t Have Much Time

There are 6 modules in the course. Each module has 10 lessons that are completed in a month with two classes per week. There are apps and application books to ensure you get all the practice you need. If done full time, the course can comfortably be completed in 3 months, with a total of 75-100 hours spent on both lessons and practice.

The course uses a content based method of language acquisition. Throughout the course, you will practice over 3000 ayat of the Quran. You will be able to see a clear difference in comprehension just after just 3 lessons and after two modules, you will feel comfortable with the basics of the Quran.

We Hate Grammar and We Hope You Do Too

Grammar tends to chase people away from learning language. Our course uses grammar on a need to know basis. People do not learn grammar in order to comprehend and speak in their own languages, so there is no reason they should heavily invest in it to learn another language. Children know close to no grammatical rules. They simply apply them naturally. We have tried to minimize a student’s interaction with grammatical principles in the beginning while gradually increasing the number as the course progresses.

Course Reviews


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  1. You can tell...


    You can tell how far we have advanced when they start putting English to Arabic translations on the test. Thank you all for your efforts. We are so grateful for the progress we have made.

  2. TRS


    This course is amazing. I have been doing Arabic and Quranic Arabic for many years and only now everything is falling in to place in regards to understanding the deep meanings of the Arabic words. The grammar is introduced gradually and repetitively which really helps in grasping it. A very well organised and thought out course. Highly recommend it to everyone who wants to understand the Quran. Amazing support from the tutors with extra classes and at an affordable price. Recordings available for those who can’t attend weekly and to revise after the course is finished. And an amazing app to help you revise. Lots of effort put into running this course. Give it a go, you won’t be disappointed.

  3. module 5


    really learning a lot from this course, but highly recommend to take time to review the lessons.

  4. Module 5 lessons


    The module has been hard but managed to do it and the lessons infoshred and exercises are a good help

  5. 5

    The course tutors were very supportive!

  6. For Module 5


    Alhamdulilah I managed to do this module without any extra tutoring sessions but it was not easy. It was an amazing and I did learn a lot. But I think that I have to repeat the whole course again to fully comprehend the grammar and other details to fully understand the Quran with its unique translation. With practise I hope to further enhance my knowledge. Thank you for all the amazing work and dedication for all tutors and those that work behind the scene to get this course going and spreading the knowledge of the Holy Quran. The reward to all lies with Allah. With Duas. Nasira M

  7. 5

    This course gives a whole new dimension to Quran recitation.
    It will make you pause and think about what you are reciting.
    Thanks to all the tutors and volunteers who have made this possible.
    May Allah reward you abundantly.
    Thank you TRS!

  8. Module 5


    This course has been the best decision of my life. The teachers, the team working behind the scenes, all need a shout-out. Hats off to each and every one of the TRS Team for thinking of and planning this course. Heartfelt gratitude and du’as for all of them, specially the teachers: Sayyid, Sister Sarah and Brother Shaida. جزاكم الله خير

  9. Alhamdolillah


    Alhamdolillah starting to gradually understand more and more of the Holy Qur’an when hearing it without translation. May Allah swt bless all of our teachers. JazakAllah.

  10. 1 2
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