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Classes start on October 30th, 2021

Saturdays and Sundays
3:30 PM GMT

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The Problem

Translations are the problem. They can be quite embarrassing as in the picture above. Trying to translate a concept into another language using just one word is often not possible. Some concepts don’t exist in other cultures and languages and therefore there won’t be a single word equivalent. Try to translate the word punk into another language using only one word, to get the image below in a non-English speaking person’s mind. It’s simply not possible.

The Time Machine

Meanings change over time. The Ilm Al-Quran course takes you back in time so you can see how the Arabic words were used during the time of revelation. Language changes over time, new words are coined, words previously coined take on new meanings. This has become a source of misunderstanding in terms of the Quran. Translations unfortunately do not take these changes into consideration. The course is designed to teach Arabs and non-Arabs alike. Seven of the most renowned lexicons, such as Kitab al-Ayn, and Mufradat Raghib are used to get a more precise meaning of each word.

Life is Short, I Don’t Have Much Time

There are 6 modules in the course. Each module has 10 lessons that are completed in a month with two classes per week. There are apps and application books to ensure you get all the practice you need. If done full time, the course can comfortably be completed in 3 months, with a total of 75-100 hours spent on both lessons and practice.

The course uses a content based method of language acquisition. Throughout the course, you will practice over 3000 ayat of the Quran. You will be able to see a clear difference in comprehension just after just 3 lessons and after two modules, you will feel comfortable with the basics of the Quran.

We Hate Grammar and We Hope You Do Too

Grammar tends to chase people away from learning language. Our course uses grammar on a need to know basis. People do not learn grammar in order to comprehend and speak in their own languages, so there is no reason they should heavily invest in it to learn another language. Children know close to no grammatical rules. They simply apply them naturally. We have tried to minimize a student’s interaction with grammatical principles in the beginning while gradually increasing the number as the course progresses.

Course Reviews


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    I took I.L.ALQURAN book 2 as an initiative course to be able to translate and understand QURAN better.
    Taking book 2 taught me another set of knowledge. It was just a start for me to renew and restate my decision in my mind once more. I realized that the knowledge of translating of QURAN was not my only aim anymore rather, the words were issues to think more and ponder deeply.. I realized that in each word , there is a code that has missions of bringing the wisdom of what to see and how to see, and what to think about and how to think.
    At the end of course of book 2 , I realized that getting in to the world of translating QURAN was just a start.. It was start of learning that being good translator does not benefit me if I don’t tie the reality of these codes to my soul.I REALIZED WITHOUT PURIFICATION OF MY SOUL I WOULD NOT BE ABLE TO TIE THE REALITY OF THESE CODES. ONLY PURIFIED SOUL CAN TOUCH THE REALITY OF CODES(quranic words).

  2. Course - Book 1 & Book 2 I.L.M Al-Quran


    My intention was to obtain an understanding of the fundamental words of the Quran through learning the language and to expand my vocabulary as much as possible. I have attempted to learn Arabic previously and have attended a course as well – the process was overwhelming and off-putting. I am surprised as to how much I enjoyed and learned with TRS during Book 1 and Book 2 for someone who has little time to spare and considers it a challenge to learn languages: the lessons are captivating, the creative teaching concept is inclined to fit all age groups and the method of building block learning accommodates for the range of skills of students. Also, set modules are at a rate that is not daunting and periodic assessments in the section confirm what you have learned and ensure a great degree of focus throughout the course. I highly recommend the course to anyone who has a desire to relate to the Quran with their heart, mind and soul. Thank you TRS team!

  3. A quran course like no other !


    This Quran course has all the essentials that will make you eager to learn how to read the Quran. Starting from commonly used words, we learn their meanings, with a little bit of grammar here and there, till we get the hang of most of the words and are now confident to handle more grammar. It’s a course for youngsters and the old alike. It revives the spirit to grow your relationship with the Quran like no other. If you have been waiting for a Quran course that’s simple yet complete, this is the time to end that wait ! I was waiting too and this course was my prayer fulfilled. Alhamdulillah !

  4. Thanku for making a better Worldly Life and Hereafter for me!


    Never did i ever thought that i can understand the Holy Book just by reciting it.
    all life, i thot i will keep rote reading the Quran and can never understand the words and its meanings.
    i am so blessed to find the true meanings of the Ayats too.

  5. 5

    What a fantastic course! Everyone who I have recommended this to has loved it too! For the first time in my life I feel as if I understand the Quran and that is the biggest gift I could receive! Thank you for all your dedication and hard work and may the Almighty reward you for your immense effort.

  6. Reality


    This course is engraved in the real meaning of the Qur’an, with a driven motivation of delivering the message with as much valid and reliable meaning possible. The teacher and the tutors are eager to help achieve the goal of shiaism in its true form.

  7. Very Satisfied


    It is indeed a very good course. However, there should not be a lot of gap between one book and the other.

  8. Best course ever


    Amazing course, providing conceptual understanding about Quranic Arabic and giving a new and better insight for the Holy Book. Very necessary to have such concepts clearly understood. The teachers are very professional. All relevant resources were made available including course material and online revision classes. Highly appreciate their input and efforts.

  9. Book 2 review


    This course makes learning Quarnic arabic easier than traditional courses, and also more enjoying. Book 1 started off quite easy, book 2 was definitely harder but still easily manageable if you put in a bit of effort. I have tried other arabic courses before and I certainly found this easier and more enjoyable because it looks deeper at the meaning of words and encourages you to understand the concepts rather than just meanings.

  10. 5

    Alhumdollilah, finished Book-2 JazakAllah khairan katheera to all team TRS specially our dear Mu’allim (Ustadh)Syed Asim.This is an excellent course, InshaAllah which will take you closer to the precious Book Of Allah SWT -The Holy Quran. Being true Muslim its everyone’s wish/dream. If anyone want to come closer and get better understanding, initiate the love of Holy Quran, my humble request to join this course as soon as possible. We are waiting to enroll for Book-3 INSHA-ALLAH (All the levels-Books and Grammar Course).May Allah SWT grant amazing rewards here and hereafter, and grant great success to this course & mission. Please come forward to be a part of TRS.Thanking once again. May Allah grant us tawfeeq and increase our knowledge, Accept from us ameen Ya Rabbe Kareem.

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